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I bought my MINI Cooper Countryman S on July 25th, 2011.  The first time I drove it was when i drove it off the lot. 
Some would say that was a mistake, I think it is one of the best things I've ever wise that is. 
Here is a picture of Tyrion when I first got him home

Off the lot, he had the JCW Aero kit, and the JVW Sport stripes.  He has both the bonnet and hood sport stripes.  I believe that
Tyrion has the Cold Weather Package installed too.  At the time he was built, Japan was recovering from the tsunami, so he
doesn't have some of the other packages I'd want.  I have the Nav system, with the fully upgraded radio too.

The first things I purchased for Tyrion were some new snow shows.  He come with the anthracite wheels and performance summer tires.  I purchased a set of performance winter tires, and chrome wheels for him.  The tires were great, as I've had no problems at all in snow or ice.

I have had a few other things done to him.  The mods include

Samco Turbo Hoses
NM Engineering Hi-Flow Intake Kit
NM Engineering Engine Torque Arm Insert
NM Engineering RS Alpha Spring Kit
Helix Rear Adjustable Control Arms

These were all installed by Chad from Detroit Tuned.  At the time, he even custom fit the Engine Torque Arm Insert, as NM
Engineering only made it for the ALL4.  Below are some pictures of the mod'd car

The new parts!

Turbo Tubes (red) and Air Intake

Close up of above

R60s without wheels and new springs on

Stock Suspension (side view)

Lowered (side view)..about 1.6" in the front, and 1.4" in the read.

Lowering my car was a great move.  it handles so much better, and doesn't have that top heavy feel anymore.
I haven't had any issues bottoming out yet, but I did need to replace the rear control arms, and get an expert
alignment done.


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Re: Tyrion
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If I had the extra cash, I have a few more things I'd love done.  But working on my house has taken priority the last year.

I'd like to get the following

NM Engineering Cat-Back Exhaust System
NM Engineering Rear Sway Bar - 22mm

NM Engineering is also working on designing a Front Strut Bar for the R60.  The photos look awesome, but it isn't available yet.  But once
that is available, I'll probably snag it.

I'd also love to get a new set of shocks, to improve the handling and ride quality a bit more. 
I'm love to get a new downpipe once I get the new exhaust, but that is way off. 
I'm also slightly obsessed with an ECU tune, but that means no driving for a while.  Oh well.
The things that Tyrion could have done!

Detroit Tuned

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Re: Tyrion
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Get the rear sway bar! You will LOVE it!!  ;D ;D ;D
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