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MINIs and Things / INTERESTING MINI website
« Last post by John Cusick about March 18, 2013, 09:40:37 PM »
See more pictures like this one !

DAY-02 05
MINIs and Things / Re: Tyrion
« Last post by Detroit Tuned about February 25, 2013, 05:56:52 PM »
Get the rear sway bar! You will LOVE it!!  ;D ;D ;D
MINIs and Things / Re: Tyrion
« Last post by careymij about February 21, 2013, 07:26:46 PM »
If I had the extra cash, I have a few more things I'd love done.  But working on my house has taken priority the last year.

I'd like to get the following

NM Engineering Cat-Back Exhaust System
NM Engineering Rear Sway Bar - 22mm

NM Engineering is also working on designing a Front Strut Bar for the R60.  The photos look awesome, but it isn't available yet.  But once
that is available, I'll probably snag it.

I'd also love to get a new set of shocks, to improve the handling and ride quality a bit more. 
I'm love to get a new downpipe once I get the new exhaust, but that is way off. 
I'm also slightly obsessed with an ECU tune, but that means no driving for a while.  Oh well.
The things that Tyrion could have done!
MINIs and Things / Tyrion
« Last post by careymij about February 21, 2013, 07:10:42 PM »
I bought my MINI Cooper Countryman S on July 25th, 2011.  The first time I drove it was when i drove it off the lot. 
Some would say that was a mistake, I think it is one of the best things I've ever wise that is. 
Here is a picture of Tyrion when I first got him home

Off the lot, he had the JCW Aero kit, and the JVW Sport stripes.  He has both the bonnet and hood sport stripes.  I believe that
Tyrion has the Cold Weather Package installed too.  At the time he was built, Japan was recovering from the tsunami, so he
doesn't have some of the other packages I'd want.  I have the Nav system, with the fully upgraded radio too.

The first things I purchased for Tyrion were some new snow shows.  He come with the anthracite wheels and performance summer tires.  I purchased a set of performance winter tires, and chrome wheels for him.  The tires were great, as I've had no problems at all in snow or ice.

I have had a few other things done to him.  The mods include

Samco Turbo Hoses
NM Engineering Hi-Flow Intake Kit
NM Engineering Engine Torque Arm Insert
NM Engineering RS Alpha Spring Kit
Helix Rear Adjustable Control Arms

These were all installed by Chad from Detroit Tuned.  At the time, he even custom fit the Engine Torque Arm Insert, as NM
Engineering only made it for the ALL4.  Below are some pictures of the mod'd car

The new parts!

Turbo Tubes (red) and Air Intake

Close up of above

R60s without wheels and new springs on

Stock Suspension (side view)

Lowered (side view)..about 1.6" in the front, and 1.4" in the read.

Lowering my car was a great move.  it handles so much better, and doesn't have that top heavy feel anymore.
I haven't had any issues bottoming out yet, but I did need to replace the rear control arms, and get an expert
alignment done.

MINIs and Things / Re: Agokart
« Last post by DKnight about February 21, 2013, 03:34:46 PM »
I have always loved those urban shots of your car. 
Queen City Cooper Events / Chronological order of events.
« Last post by amoeba about February 18, 2013, 10:12:42 PM »

Clicking on the word  SUBJECT  will put the events in chronological order.
MINIs and Things / Agokart
« Last post by Detroit Tuned about February 07, 2013, 08:14:34 PM »
Here is Show Place timeline. A few photos and a list of mods....a long list of mods.  There is more to come.

Here is one of the only photos of my car in stock form.  This was a day before delivery.

Soon after delivery I added the Aero Kit w/ Rally Lights.

After a bunch of Engine Mods, Suspension Mods, Brake Mods, and a new Light Bar, this is what my car looks like.


Electric Blue / Black Mini Cooper S w/Lapis Blue Leather, H/K Stereo, DSC, MFSW
Auto up windows w/ track mode DCS and garage door opener
Schroth Harness (2)
Aux Kit for iPod
Euro Shelf
Valeo Ultimate Wipers
Blacked out Belt line
Alta Short Antenna
Full Aero Kit with painted arches
Custom Aero kit rear stickers
Fog light black out kit
Painted red tow hook
Mini S.S. Plate Frame
Alta C.A.I.
Alta 15% Pulley
Alta 2% Light Weight Crank Pulley
Nology Plug Wires
Denso IK22 Plugs
Pilo Coil Pack
Milltek Header
Milltek Catback
M7 Oil Catch Can
Detroit Tuned Bypass Valve
BMP Strut Bar
Ireland Street/Track Front Camber Plates
Koni Yellow Adjustable shocks
H-Sport Springs
H-sport Front and Rear Comp. Sway Bars
H-sport Rear Camber Links
Detroit Tuned Big Brake Kit: Sloted Cryo Rotors w/ Ferodo 2500 pads(front)
Stainless Steel Lines (rear)
Ferodo 2500 (rear)
Power Slot Rear Rotors
ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid
Ro_Jo Wheels
Kumho Escta MX Tires
Detroit Tuned Whalen Shift knob
Alta Light bar
M7 Ram Air Scoop
Ireland Urethane Bushing for Gear Box
Ireland Urethane Bushing for Upper Engine Mount
Ireland Urethane Bushing for Lower Engine Mount
Helix Short Shifter
MINI Madness Poly Shock Bushings
DT Rear Caliper Bushing

So that is my MINI, but what else do i have.....

How about the 05' GMC Savana Van...aka: the counterfeit.
Yeah, it's a work van, and it corners at a 10 mph max, but it's all about the fun.

Da Grill, Bonnet strips, Window banner, and custom bonnet badge, & Light Bar....

Side Marker & Short Antenna

The Plate, Rear Logo, Rear Badge, & Custom home made counterfeit Exhaust pipes....

The Side Predebadging

Just before the Dragon, nice blacked out wheels.

Chuck wanted to drive "The Dragon"

And Yes it does have a mod list:
Custom MINI badges
Bonnet Strips
Custom Grill
Custom MINI Side Markers
i-Pod connection
Custom Alta Short antenna
K&N Filter
Custom 3" Exhaust Tip
Blacked out wheel logos
Custom MINI exhaust trailer hitch cover
Class III Hitch
7-way plug with Brake Controller
"Light Bar"


We some times need to pick up a broken MINI, or have a day at the track.
Here is the front with Logos and a rather good looking MINI on top.

The Rear with the custom reflective Logos

I also have a 1973 Nova

This car was my first car ever, i bought it at 14 years old and started the resto project that will never end.  Currently the  car runs a low 12 second at 110 mph. but i think the car has a 11.99 in it with some tuning.  the car currently has a ZZ4 GM motor in it. it was turned into a ZZ430 with new head, intake, and cam.  it has 430 HP with 430 ft. lbs. of tq.  lots of fun items on it, but here is quick list.
10 bolt rear ends with 3.73 rear gear and posi unit with cal-track bars and a load plate.
custom alum. drive shaft with drive shaft loop.
350 turbo trans with 3500 stall converter and other stuff inside.
powder coated sub frame and suspension with all new poly bushing.
and other items.

(Coming Soon)
The Actual Garage.

This is where the magic happens...may MINIs have been modded here....after 9 years for working hard in the garage, it got a face lift.

some more...

here are a few photos from the work today. started to mock it all up and do a few mods and things. take a look.
water to air unit.

a sneak peek at the final look.

oops how did that get in there... >:D

more stuff.

got to have oil all the time.

more fun stuff!

While doing all my upgrades, i was able to finally finish the tail light mod that has been sitting on the shelf that many of you have seen in pieces. so here are some before and after photos of the rear end. take a look at the tail lights and notice that the rear wiper is gone and the other chrome things will be finding there way off the car and make it look more clean.



...more to come later....
here is another new tail light photo:

we have done another set for a customers car, and yet one more set to do for another.  we can also do body color!!

Some New Photos:
(notice all the chrome is Blue)

Some new pics before it went to bed till spring.

MINI Spotting / Re: Convertible weather
« Last post by Rob Rauch about January 29, 2013, 05:46:34 PM »
Let us know how Laura is doing . . . You will be Daddy next time we see you. All the best to you & Laura. A new chapter in the book of Knight !
MINI Spotting / Re: Convertible weather
« Last post by DKnight about January 29, 2013, 09:59:40 AM »
I so love the Keys. It has been a couple of years since we have been. A really good place for Conch Fritters is the Conch House(?) in Marathon. Have a great time a see you both soon. Before we know it it will be good motoring weather here.
MINI Spotting / Re: Convertible weather
« Last post by Rob Rauch about January 29, 2013, 09:19:43 AM »
Another beautiful day in the Keys. There are no twisty roads but there are plenty of Minis here. Most are ragtops. We have only seen a couple Countryman and they were in Miami.  Hope you have a good Motor In  . . . Hate to miss but the weather here is just toooo good to leave.
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