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2020/03/08 GCMC/QCC Walking Rallye
« about: February 18, 2020, 02:40:39 PM »
   The Winter months really put a cramp in our motoring fun, so once again, Rallyemaster Bobbi and Tim Ross and our friends at the Greater Cincinnati Miata Club have challenged Queen City Coopers to a Walking Rallye!! Even in the rain, last year's rallye was an absolute hoot, and here's how it works...

   On Sunday, March 8th @ 1pm EDT we'll be meeting in the lobby of the Doubletree Inn, 51 Walnut St. in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Teams will consist of a "Driver" and "Navigator". Teams will require a clipboard and a pencil. *Note- It is considered unsportsmanlike to work with other teams or use a smartphone for help.

    Teams will receive a sheet of general instructions, a sheet of photos of signs, architectural details, etc. and a sheet of questions to match the photos. Teams will then have 90 minutes to find the answers along Walnut St. from the Ohio River to Eads Parkway(US 50), about six blocks each way, then return to the starting point where points will be tallied and trophies (and some SERIOUS bragging rights) will be awarded!!

   Stories of triumph and frustration to follow at Naverick's Firewater Grill, 535 Eads Parkway, immediately following the event.

   Dress appropriately for the weather and bring a brully(umbrella) just in case, and join GCMC and QCC for a great afternoon of fun!!!