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REGISTERING - How to Register for Events
« about: January 28, 2013, 10:42:54 AM »
Some people have been having difficulty registering for events, so I have created some simple (I hope) steps so this is easier for all.

1) Log into the site with your user name and password (if you do not log in you will not be able to register)
2) Click on the calendar link at the navigation at the top of the page
3) At the bottom of the calendar that is shown on the screen, there is a drop down that you can navigate to the month and year of the event you want to register for, in this instance February 2013
4) Each event on the calendar is a live link to the info and forum page for the event, so click on the event you are looking to sign up for.
5) This click will take you to the main page for the event, at the top there is a button that says "register for this event"-- click on this button to register.
6) This page will navigate you to a page where you can select the # of people who are coming with you and allow you to post a comment about the event or registration if you desire, but you can also leave the comment section blank if that is what you want.
7) Click the "save" button and you are now registered for the event.

If you do not like to go to the calendar to find events (I personally find this the easiest route), you can also get to all the events via the events forums.  When you select the forum, the registration link is at the top of each event and works just as indicated in steps 5-7 above.
You can also ask questions or comments in the forum about the event as well.  This is a great feature so everyone can see what questions others have to avoid duplicated e-mails.

Please let me know if you have any additional problems and I hope this works for you.
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